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by Lisa:   (obviously  🙂 – God’s blessings, great and small

When I was getting ready to come to the states in July, I had fishin’ on my mind.

Maybe that’s stretching it a little, but not tooooo much.  Honestly,  I like fishing a whole lot.  As I grew up, we spent two weeks each summer visiting my Grandparents at the Lake of the Ozarks,near Osage, Mo.  Each morning my siblings and I would get up early, walk down the beautiful rock path to the lake and fish for crappie, bass, bluegill, and catfish.  Grandpa taught us to catch ’em, clean ’em and eat ’em.  What a treat!  Anyway, throughout the years when I could, “a fishin’ I would go”.  I haven’t gone fishing for the last four years……. so back to the beginning, I was looking forward to visiting my parents in Missouri and goin’ fishin’ too.

We went, last week, and I caught,  well, almost caught the biggest fish I ever had. My uncle Gary said it was a wide mouth bass, about 5 lbs.  I couldn’t weigh it though because I forgot to get the net to lift it into the boat. I forgot to use a net! 

I was in awe of the size of the size, and my five pound line couldn’t lift a fighting bass that had swallowed my hook into the boat….. so….. it got away.  It was so fun though, even though we didn’t get to bring anything home….. nothing else was big enough to keep.  My dad caught a foot-long bass, but it had to do some growing.

Well, that is NOT the rest of the story.     The afternoon before we left, a dear man from their church called to find out if we wanted  about 30 cleaned crappie!!!  We ate a delicious fried fish dinner Tuesday afternoon.  I feel spoiled…. Thank you Father for knowing my silly little desires, and fulfilling them.  I LOVE fishing………… Thanks, mom and dad too for making it possible.